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Some of the services that we offer.


Initial Visit:
The purpose of this visit is to obtain a detailed history, adequate physical examination and preliminary lab work to establish whether allergy therapy is needed. If it is determined you or your child have allergies, testing will be done.


Skin Tests:
Usually, these can be accomplished in two visits (one hour each), in your initial visit and a subsequent visit approximately one week later. You should not take any antihistamines for at least 48 hours before testing. During your first visit, prick tests are applied to the back. On your second visit, intradermal tests are applied to your arms. Both tests are read approximately 20 minutes after application. The skin tests are essentially painless. Following completion of all skin tests, a summation of your results will be explained to you. Your allergic reactions and day-to-day care will be discussed at that time.


Allergy Shots:
Visits for allergy shots are not evaluation and management (EM) office visits. If you have a problem or question when in for an allergy shot, a message will be taken and your question will be answered by telephone later in the day or an office visit will be made to discuss your problem. Blood pressures, weights and medical advice will not be done during allergy shot visits.


Diagnosis and Treatment Offered:
Skin Testing–Inhalants, Foods, Insects, Medications
Pulmonary Function Testing
Oral Food Challenge
Medication Challenge
Laboratory Studies
Allergy Shots–Inhalants, Insects
Intravenous Gamma Globulin
Subcutaneous Gamma Globulin
Xolair Injections–for Asthma &


Summary of Illnesses Treated:
Hay Fever
Sinus Allergy
Drug Allergy
Sinus Allergy
Skin Allergy
Recurrent Respiratory Tract Infections
Insect Allergy
Food Allergy
Exercise Related Allergy


Emergencies After Office Hours:
Situations requiring attention after office hours will occasionally occur. For emergencies at night, weekends, or holidays, call the office number, (225) 769-4432. The answering service will take your name and phone number, and your call will be returned by Dr. Kidd or another allergist on call. Routine prescriptions will not be filled after hours or on weekends.

If the situation is severe, go directly to the emergency room of the nearest hospital, or call 911.