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We are an independent allergy and inununology practice that is physician-directed and owned. That is, we are not hospital or corporate owned. We owe our allegiance only to the patients we treat. We are free to use any laboratory, hospital, and to refer to any other specialist we choose. That way, we can pick what is best for our patients without owed allegiance.
We have been located for the past 30 years in the heart of the Baton Rouge Health District. The clinic is easily accessible from all areas of Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. We also have patients from New Orleans and surrounding states. The clinic is located in a historic Hays Town, Jr. designed and built freestanding building with plenty of parking. Entrance into the clinic for visits and weekly allergy shots is easy and quick.
Our allergy and immunology care is state of the art. As the practice of medicine
continually evolves into better treatments, we adapt them as soon as they are

If your condition is not allergy, we will refer you to the best specialists and clinics
we work with. Also, occasionally, cases require allergy care beyond the scope of
a local clinical practice. In this case, we will refer to you to the best allergy and
immunology tertiary clinic that is appropriate for you. That is, we will continue to
work with you until you get the best care available.
No one does what we do in the manner we do it; very personalized,
individualized, allergy and immunology care in a friendly, state of the art, and
efficient manner.
We welcome you to our practice.